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Zestaw pytań dotyczący podróży po Chinach jej niezawodnymi pociągami otrzymałam po naszej ponad miesięcznej tułaczce po tym właśnie kraju. Były to pytania skierowane przez obsługę rezerwacyjną biletów kolejowych ze strony firmy Travel China Guide, bez których tej podróży pociągiem sobie nie wyobrażam. Poniżej przedstawiam oryginalną korespondencję między nami w języku angielskim. Polecam Wam ten sposób podróży, jak i jej organizację za pomocą tej firmy. Więcej informacji o kolei chińskiej znajdziecie tu.

1. How do you rate your booking experience through TCG booking center?  Do you have any suggestions on our booking service?

We were really happy to find TCG website during our travel through China. Almost nobody in this country speaks English and even the easiest thing to do here was like an each day impossible goal. In most of international hostels there were possibility to buy train tickets (the best way of travelling in China) for some fee, but still we had to rely only on hostel staff. TCG website gave us the possibility to plan all our trip in advance, making changes on all the way of trail, choosing places and comfort of journey.

I have suggestion to:
- inform the client which tickets exactly should buy in advance (may be which months are pick months for travelling) to avoid situation that there is no tickets for many days or the worst ones; f. eg. train from Shanghai to Hong Kong was visible but there was no possibility to buy tickets (it looked like there were available);
- (may be) find the way the client could choose exact places, not those available; if familly is travelling they want to seat together, not separately.

2. What is your general impression on this train journey? Do you have any  experience or pictures to share with more travelers? (You can describe  check in, waiting room, the platform, boarding as well as the train facilities).

- travelling by train in China is really very comfortable and the best way to see many places in short time (unless to choose airplane),
- difference between soft and hard sleeper is important if: the family is travelling (first option is of hight class, in "closed" wagoon; the second is cheaper but like in bad quality dorms and never know who is going to travel with us; Chinese are specific in general),
- soft seats are wider and looks nicer, hard seats - oposite,
- all trains has got its restaurants, and even if it looks like airplane food, was really good and not so expensive,
- taking tickets from train station personally is easy and does not matter which cashier window to choose; important is to have reservation number of tickets and to take it different date than the day of train leaving,
- we were impressed of waiting room or hall because most of them were really elegant, sometimes luxury and clean (instead of public toilets),
- all seems to be organised perfectly and save,
- have to get used to situations that Chinese always want to be first in the queue so be prepared to fight for your place in it.

Firma otrzymała od nas zestaw zdjęć wykonanych podczas podróży pociągiem wraz z całą otoczką związaną z tematem. Obsługa działała niezawodnie, pomocnie i nasza podróż w kraju o ciężkim do podrobienia języku stałą się szybko przyjemna i łatwa.

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